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  • Sarah C Awad

Sarah's 5 Faves: ZBrush Commands

ZBrush is my favorite modeling program, so while making this list was a bit difficult, it was an interesting exercise that really made me reflect on the frequency and consistency that I use certain tools and commands-and surprisingly- encouraged me to try some new things as well!

Because this unbeatable combination can patch up many sticky situations in a sinch, turning zBrush into more than just a sculpting program.

Because I have used it in tandem with other elements to create any texture I have ever needed. Because it saves me so much time, and makes any detailed pattern I sculpt just a bit more refined!

Because for someone who loves anatomy and fantasy, the sky's the limit for what I can create!

Because it is a brush I use on every sculpt, and it serves so many purposes in my process.

My 30 Minute Modeling Challenge inspired by the word "badger" that uses NanoMesh

Because it is the new MicroMesh, and while I am still experimenting, I already know that it will be a game changer for my work.

An example of MircoMesh in my personal work!

Because it transformed how I worked in 3D, and made it possible or me to make my work look "impossible."

Stay tuned for Dhemerae's 5 zBrush faves, as well as other similar posts of commands we cannot live without!

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