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  • Sarah C Awad

RPG by TLG: Our First Jewelry Collection!

While this may seem like a new, and possibly unexpected venture for TheLaserGirls, creating a wearable collection has actually been in our plans since the start of our partnership. Each year presented a new idea that would fall through at the hands of other commitments and priorities, and while understandable, was always a lingering disappointment in our minds. The want was there, but the timing was never quite right...

Until now!

It really took some time for both Dhemerae and I to really nail down (no pun intended:) our vision for our partnership. When we first became TheLasergirls, we were 21 and 22, on the cusp of graduating university, and only thinking so far ahead about our futures, Now, sightly older but significantly more experienced, TheLaserGirls has developed into an entity all its own, and encapsulates a more realized spirit that we both hope to direct towards a creative and exciting future. For us, this jewelry collection is the epitome of this growth, and the start of a new chapter in our 3D Printed Journey we hope to take you on!

RPG by TheLaserGirls is a collection inspired by our love of fashion, fantasy, and the possibilities of 3D Printing. Drawing from the realms of Role Playing Games, from Dungeons and Dragons to Final Fantasy, we strived to create a collection that was polished and impactful, but also had a sense of fun and fantasy wearers could indulge in!

Currently, the collection include three pieces: the Paladin Class Necklace, the Berserker Class Choker, and the Rogue Class Choker. All the pieces are designed, 3D Modeled, and hand constructed by us, with the majority of our materials sourced and made in the Greater New York Area.

Paladin: the loyal warrior, the all-in attacker. Good choice, player, it's dangerous to go alone!

A resourceful fighter and courageous warrior, Paladins are a special class that can adapt in combat, efficiently take down any foe and lead its party to victory. Showcase your inner strength and versatility with this piece.

Swing your way to victory with the Paladin Class Necklace. Equip this accessory and bring that energy into your life!

The Paladin Class Necklace is offered in 4 materials: Sterling Silver with Gun Metal Chain, Rose Gold with Gun Metal Chain, Red Nylon Plastic with Red Metal Chain, and Pink Nylon Plastic with Pink Metal Chain

Berserker: The explosive fits of fury, ignited by madness. Good choice Player, it's dangerous to go alone!

Berserkers believes that actions speak louder than words, so they talk with their fists! This hand-to-hand combat-based fighter never backs down and can defeat even the toughest enemies through sheer force and strength of will.

The Berserker Class Choker embodies the unbeatable spirit of this fighter. Let your ferocious fighting spirit show!

The Berserker Class Choker is offered in 4 materials: Sterling Silver with Silver Chain, Rose Gold with Gun Metal Chain, Brass with Brass Metal Chain, and Black Nylon Plastic with Black Metal Chain.

Rogue: the assassin, sleek and swift. Good choice, Player, it is dangerous to go alone!

Perpetually hidden in the shadows, the Rogue is a warrior with deadly accuracy and unbelievable stealth and speed. Other fighters stand little chance of defending against this class’ untraceable attacks. The Rogue Class Choker illustrates the Rogue’s signature strike, silently taking down enemies with one move.

Join the assassins who rampage through the night with the Rogue Class Choker. This leather Choker will be a constant reminder of your incredible stealth and precision.

TheRogue Class Choker is offered in 4 materials: Sterling Silver with Red Leather and Red Metal Chain, Sterling Silver with White Leather and Silver Metal Chain, Rose Gold with with Black Leather and Gun Metal Chain, and Brass with Black Leather and Brass Metal

This has been so much fun for us to create, and we look forward to adding more party members soon! We hope to continue to grow this venture of ours, and most importantly, hope that you can enjoy them as much as we have making them!

Happy 3D Printing and #golaser

*Product Descriptions by Mary Awad

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