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  • Dhemerae Ford

TheLaserGirls Podcast: Anime NYC and MAJOR UPDATES

In our season 1 podcast finale (what do we mean? Listen here!), we discuss the future of the podcast and TheLaserGirlsStudio, as well as our thoughts on the first ever AnimeNYC convention!

We also talk 3D printing in the news, one article about a recent kickstarter for customized headphones, which utilizes 3D printing in their manufacturing process, and the other article detailing software being developed that automatically generates 3D printed wind-up toys.

In a new pilot segment "Wow, that was 3D Printed!" we gawk over this super cool 3D printed Headdress from the new "Thor: Ragnarok" film. Here's a great video by the folks at, showing off the process of how the helmet was made.

And now, for the plugs! If you have yet to, you can check out our podcast via Soundcloud or subscribe to it on iTunes. Also, we released two new Youtube videos this month on our Comic Con cosplays, so head over to our channel to learn more.

Thank you all for you interest and support and, as always, #GOLASER

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