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PODCAST: 3D Printing, Health, and Safety

Today's podcast is all about the health effects of 3D printing and its processes on users and makers. We wanted to clear the air on misconceptions and talk about the hard truth and need for safety when working with materials that still have uncertainty surrounding their long term effects.

Below is a list of links for MSDS' of materials from common 3D printer manufacturers.

Material Safety Data Sheets:

Noted Printers and Common Materials:

Best/ Recommended Practices:

  • Wear proper safety equipment (gloves, goggles, masks, lab coats) especially when working with uncured material

  • Make sure your mask is rated for what you are working with (ie. don't use a mask that filters particulates when dealing with fumes)

  • When working with harsh chemicals or resins, work in a well ventilated area if you can't work outside, and always separate your living space from your working space!

  • Do the prep work- layout the tarp, turn on the fans, clear away unnecessary objects. Set yourself up for safety!

  • Read up! Understand the materials you're working with! Review the proper MSDS sheets to make sure you're taking all the appropriate safety measures.

  • Use your gut- if it starts to smell bad, stop what you're doing and leave the area. If it feels wrong, there's probably something wrong.

  • Look into proper waste disposal offered by your area.

  • Check out your area's makerspaces that can provide machines, facilities for them, and general working space- also, it is a great place to meet and network with likeminded people!

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