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  • Sarah C Awad and Dhemerae Ford

PODCAST: TLG's Comic Con Chronicles, The Journey Begins!


The Comic Con Chronicles commence again! This time in 3D! Oh, wait...

Since it is already in amazing high def 3D, this year's Comic Con Chronicles will take form across more mediums than just the written word. This time along, we are planning to include video journals and vlogs, podcasts, and some fancy-schmancy gifs on top of our standard entries in order to give you (and us) a bit more content diversity; and quite frankly, some of this stuff is best seen and not imagined or interpreted!

This format is bringing us into some uncharted territory, for this will be the first time we are consistently showing our faces on the blog- our actual, de-cosplayed, not-using-images-of-our-favorite-kickass-women, faces. It is something we are excited to go for, but also a bit nervous for (despite the fact that we have been interviewed on camera before)!

We hope that you enjoy all the new that is going to be coming this way, and please be understanding if some of it is a bit rough at the beginning as we learn and refine!

With that, let's kick this off! Here is our first entry, in podcast form, where we announce our cosplays, how and why they were chosen, as well as our excitements and fears of the journey to come!

We cannot wait to begin this journey, and hope you join us on the ride!

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