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  • Sarah C Awad and Dhemerae Ford

The Trials of Large Scale Additive Manufacturing

In this week's Podcast, we discuss two Fabbaloo articles (Part I and Part II) detailing the the story of Clawz, a startup specializing in 3D printed fingernails, as they tried to establish their product and business, but ended up ceasing operations due to a number of challenges and expenses that come with 3D printing on such a large scale.

We could relate to many of the challenges Clawz met during our viral moment with our 3D Manicure. We had several boutiques, and larger franchises, approach us wanting to mass produce our nails, and we were unable to deliver due to many of the talking points discussed in the articles. It was stressful, frustrating, and fun-sucking, and to be truly honest, drew much life from the joy we got from making the nails.

Mind you, we never saw our 3D Manicure becoming what it did; at its core, the nails were an experiment, a fun challenge we took on to test our skills, try out wearable tech, and enter a contest where we could show them. We had no idea that three months after we posted them on Tumblr that we would get so much attention! But we also talk about that in the podcast.

So Clawz, we feel ya, and at least we all learned a ton during our journeys!

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