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  • Sarah C Awad and Dhemerae Ford

PODCAST: New Printers, New Possibilities, and a #golaser Update!

An awesome example of the Stratasys J750 awesome capabilities (did we mention how awesome this is?)

In this week's podcast, we talked about Stratasys' GAME-CHANGING colored plastic 3D printer (Yes, you read that right), and went off on a ton of tangents about our crazy ideas for 3D printed materials.

Just as we promised, here are some links to events, machines, and other fun stuff we mentioned:

Stratasys' blog post on the new J750 printer

Stratasys' blog post on their Connex3, another color printer

Shapeways' Full Color Sandstone material, printed on a ProJet 660 (Zcorp 650/660)

Buy a Mojo (as well as other 3D printers) on!

And last, but not least-

The ChefJet- that Dhemerae and I desperately want

We have a lot coming up this month, first being the Good Goods Market (Note: we will only be there on Saturday), where we will be having a sample sale of our 3D Manicures, as well as some new crazy jewelry we have been working on! There will also be a blog post next Monday, as well as a follow up post on the Market, so stay tuned. Also, we are revving up our engines for Comic Con, so look for our cosplay announcement near the end of this month!

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