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  • Sarah C Awad and Dhemerae Ford

Podcast: The Misconceptions of 3D Printing!

The Make-O-Matic from one our all time favorite shows, Futurama! Their "magical" 3D printer can be seen in the "Forty Percent Leadbelly" episode.

In this epic diptych odcast, we take an in-depth look at some common misconceptions with 3D printing, and discuss how its media and pop culutral portrayal influences this conversation. We also discuss many of our personal experiences with misconceptions, and how it has affected us as 3D printing community member and artists.

We discuss a number of video clips, images, events, etc. in these podcasts, so reference the links below to view any of the outside material we mention!

Part 1 + 2:

"Printing" a disguise in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

The MythBuster's bust the power of disguise

Futurama's Make-O-Matic 3D printer in action

The Jetsons "print" food

Make your own Mission Impossible mask here

Paul McCarthy's chocolate Santa butt plugs (watch until 2:45)

Artist Josh Kline

Artist Ben Schumacher

SLC Makerspace in Salt Lake City, Utah

imakr, nyc

Shapeways Community Events

Shapeways material page

imaterialise material page

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