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  • Sarah C Awad

Sarah's 5 Faves: 3D Printing Moments

I wanted to post a quick shout out to some of my favorite 3D printed works that I hope show you more facets to this amazing process, and inspire you on your own journeys. Although a small list, I wanted to showcase the diversity of applications out there for 3D Printing, for that is what hugely inspires me as a particpant and a witness.

...Because everytime I see their 3D printed fashion items walk the runway, my creative side is revitalized; the scale, the details, the other-worldliness of their work has inspired me to push the boundaries with my own.

...Because it gives us all a glimpse of Stratasys' groundbreaking printers through an incredibly luxurious and fanciful project that would get anyone’s mouth watering.

...Because it is a striking use of dual material printing, and combined with its unique finishing, created an unforgettable experience seeing it in person at the New Museum.

...Because it is a straight up amazing feat that almost seems unfathomable.

The Museum of Arts and Design's Out of Hand Exhibition

...Because it was the largest 3D printing exhbition I have ever seen, and because it hit the nail on the head through showcasing a wide variety of projects that emphasized the process more as a craft or a means to make, and less as a sterile, inaccessible technology.

What I hope the takeaway from all this is OPTIONS, the amount of options you have at your disposable to utilize 3D modeling and printing, whether as a step to completing your project, or as the sole means for creation. Also, FANTASY; 3D printing can help realize your most ambitious and imaginative thoughts with some unreal results- so go for it, feel inspired, and work inspired.

***And to sign off with some updates: We have a new 101 in the works, this time covering 3D modeling software, as well as our next podcast (currently pending on the topic!), so stay tuned, and thanks for staying tuned!

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